Our mission: to protect, sustain and inspire small farming

market-196x300Are you wanting to become a farmer?

Are you looking for farms and fresh local food?

Are you looking for on-farm education?

Are you a struggling farmer looking for help?

Are you wanting to connect with other farmers?

We want to help you with all those things and more but we need you to tell us exactly what you need. Please contact us here.

Small Farms have always been the most efficient sector of agriculture and today they constitute the system best prepared and endowed to answer the pressing need to expand the world’s food supply in sustainable, safe, healthy and flavorful ways. Yet small farmers often work in isolation and neglect, while their needs for information, support and community exchange go unmet. The small farmer has an ongoing need for education and an exchange of ideas on matters practical and theoretical. The small farmer also needs access to insurance, legal aid, financing, marketing assistance, appropriate equipment, techniques and tools. The Small Farms Conservancy recognizes the critical importance of craftsmanship, appropriate technologies and ‘village’ sufficiencies to the survival and growth of farming on a human scale.

Having identified needs of small farmers, and the dependency of the world on a growing healthy small farm community, the Small Farms Conservancy is dedicated to working on behalf of small farmers everywhere.

Your contributions make the Conservancy’s effort possible. Your support broadens the base and brings us that much closer to our goals. Thank you for considering the Small Farms Conservancy and its critical work.